Data supports the need and the mission of Sunshine Investment Capital.  New Hampshire Housing Financing Authority (NHHFA) collects data annually from around the state.  This key data is summarized below.

Housing Facts

Link to New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority website:
Key Facts sheet from NHHFA:

Housing Facts and Needs

NHFFA recently published their valuable “2022 Residential Rental Cost Survey Report” which pulls data from apartment owners throughout the state – providing key insights into rental and vacancy amounts. 

The trend is consistent – rents are going up and vacancy is near zero.  These 2 key charts, on the right tell the story.

NHFFA has estimated the housing shortfall over the next decade in NH is 60,000 units.  20,000 of these are apartments. 

The data reveals a deep, near perpetual need for new housing stock throughout NH.   We believe this data is representative of Vermont as well.