Housing is a fundamental need in our society
Families depend on it for raising children and caring for loved ones!
Employers depend on it for housing their workforce!

Our Mission

Communities & local governments CANNOT expand their economic base without access to housing!

The Problem:

Housing Supply is critically low and Demand has never been higher.

Supply is low primarily due to the economics of new construction – it is prohibitively high.

Rural areas in particular are hardest hit – a lack of developers and capital investment.

The Solution:

Add Housing Stock!

Our Approach:

    1. Work with existing structures – either existing multifamily dwellings or structures that can be converted into apartments.
    2. Expand the number of units within a building or … change the use of a building and add housing to it.


    1. We actively review all buildings in the market that may fit into our paradigm
    2. We leverage our collective real estate and business expertise to identify the right neighborhoods and building footprints
    3. We develop business cases for each investment based on actual Contractor estimates and feedback from local zoning & planning boards

The General Partners of Sunshine Investment Capital, LP live and work in New Hampshire and Vermont. We are committed to solving the housing crisis by adding supply of new apartments to the market. Through this effort we believe we can generate fair returns to our Investors.